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My name is Zachary Hubbell. I am a full-stack software developer working full time and studying for a Computer Science degree online.

Outside of an A+ Certification and my time in college, I've been teaching myself how to program since I was 12. It started with basic HTML and CSS and through years of trial, error and StackOverflow, I learned how to build webapps using Python, Javascript, MySQL, Flask and more.

I love programming! In particular I am interested in databases, User Interface design, 3D Graphics and web technology. I also have interests in writing, photography, film making and music creation.

I dream about buildng things: a history webapp, infinite/procedural 3D WebGL environments, web-based tabletop character sheets and anything that can help me complete arduous tasks more quickly! See the Projects page to find what I've already worked on.

Pueblo Maker Club - man do I miss going there!

Pueblo Maker Club - man do I miss going there!

These guys built a 3D printer from scratch and showed me how it works!

These guys built a 3D printer from scratch and showed me how it works!

C4TK 2016 winners - I worked on the GlassHalf project.

C4TK 2016 winners - I worked on the GlassHalf project.

Technologies I Love

These are the blocks I build with.













...and I'm always learning more!

Software I Use

OS: I've spent a lot of time on almost every version of Windows. I can tolerate working on a Mac, but it's not my favorite. I've enjoyed many different distributions of linux and tend to enjoy the KDE desktop (Nothing has let me customize my OS like KDE on Linux Mint). On the server side of things, I spend a lot of time in virtualized CentOS environments. I've run a couple servers on Debian as well.

Apps: While I love and still sometimes use my Adobe CS6 Production package (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Elements, etc.) I find myself using open source tools more and more. Here are some of my favorites:

Programming: While I love Kate and Notepad2-mod for basic edits, I've got to say VSCode has become my go-to editor. I loved Atom for a few years, but it became too slow with all the packages I was adding, which are either included in VSCode's base or can be added without slowing the program down too much.

Notes: Zim Desktop Wiki is amazing. However, I have used Evernote and OneNote for some time--they work very well when I need things in the cloud. I've also recently started using the Markdown language for plain text notes, which I can sync on my own. I'm starting to enjoy that process more and more, we'll see how it goes...

Graphics: I'm adddicted to InkScape. Krita is amazing too! I'll use Gimp when needed. DigiKam is good for photos, but it's still hard to beat the Adobe Lightroom workflow when processing dozens of photos.

Music: I use LMMS for creating music when I have that itch. It's been fun to learn and gives me just the tools I'm looking for.

Video: Still looking for a great solution. There are plenty of good ones, but they all have drawbacks that make me uncomfortable: Premiere Pro CS6 was awesome, but is going out of date. HitFilm Express seems like it's growing in popularity but I'm not ready to pay for it. Kdenlive has amazing potential, but in my experience crashes too much.

Audio: I am slowly learning the art of Audacity. Seriously, I've seen people do magic with that program.

Websites I Can't Live Without

(Inhales deeply)

github, gitlab, stackoverflow, css-tricks, w3schools, digitalocean,,,,,, and, um, wikipedia, I guess. Who doesn't use wikipedia?

See more on the links page.

Toys I am spoiled with

Anne Pro 2, Korg NanoKey 2, Harley Davidson Sportster and a custom-built PC with a 3-D Printed Spider-Man logo.